Expectations of my direct reports

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I expect my direct reports to be…

  • Coachable
  • Direct
  • Committed


Coachability is a key trait I look for in people. It’s a core indicator whether someone’s going to grow slightly or immensely.

Coachable people are receptive to feedback. They understand that feedback is constructive and intended to help them grow. Since my job is to assess their actions, behaviors, and work in an objective manner, they understand that I’m trying to point out their strengths and weaknesses. As as result, they take my feedback with an open mind and use it to get better.


I want my directs to be honest and transparent with me. I want my directs to share their motivations and goals with me. I want to know what makes them happy and what makes them sad.

Accordingly, I want to be told what I need to hear rather than what I want to hear. When things are going well, tell me. When things aren’t going well, tell me. If my directs are willing to be vulnerable and share their issues with me, I can make their issues my problem and find ways to solve them.

I’m not perfect and I can’t guarantee that I can solve every problem that comes my way, but calling them out and creating awareness will help me understand their perspectives.

Lastly, I want my directs to have the courage to tell me when I’m doing a bad job. Being able to give good feedback is another trait I look for in people.


I expect my directs to be committed to the success of our working relationship. Once we’re aligned on our expectations and objectives, I want our relationship to be collaborative and professional.

To get our relationship to that level requires compassion, respect, and trust. Those elements aren’t built overnight but through a series of interactions and one-on-ones. I’ll do my best to help you succeed, but I require your help to do so.

Do you agree or disagree with my expectations? What expectations do you have?





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