How to hire candidates for fit and outcomes

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Candidate Fit

  1. Cultural Fit: If the candidate has the values and personality to succeed at the organization.
  2. Technical Fit: If the candidate has the skills and experience to succeed at the role.

Hiring Outcome

  1. True Positive: You hired a good candidate.
  2. True Negative: You rejected a bad candidate.
  3. False Positive: You hired a bad candidate.
  4. False Negative: You rejected a good candidate.
  1. Move good candidates forward the pipeline as quickly as possible.
  2. Remove bad candidates from the pipeline as early as possible.
  • There needs to be urgency to make good candidates offers before they’re snatched up or given competing offers by other companies. (Maximize your leverage.)
  • If a bad candidate moves down the pipeline, then you’re wasting your employees’ time interviewing someone who will not work out. (Minimize your cost.)




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