Positive versus negative feedback

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These days, I find negative feedback to be more valuable than positive feedback. Why? Because saying something nice is easier than identifying problems and fixing them.

Of course, the positive feedback that I value is thoughtful and constructive. When provided correctly, it will encourage good future behavior. But it’s also vital to mix and match praise and criticism (3:1 ratio). This is because constant criticism can affect morale so it’s important to know when to deliver it.

A team consists of individuals, and individual human beings are imperfect. Thus, no team is perfect, which makes developing them crucial as a team lead or manager.

When a team becomes aware of what works and what doesn’t, then the team is able to improve itself. Achieving and maintaining such a feedback loop is every manager’s dream.

Kaizen is a Japanese term that means “continuous improvement.” It’s a philosophy that many high-performing teams embrace. Once it’s part of your team’s processes and culture, it can lead to compounding returns for your organization.





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