Why you should open source

2 min readNov 22, 2022
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Why should you open source? Here are some reasons:

  • Community
  • Skills
  • Recognition
  • Monetary


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If you built something that’s useful to you, then there’s a high chance that it’s useful for somebody else. There’s no better way to give back to the community than by open sourcing your project. Through open source, you get to stand on the shoulders of giants.


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Publicizing a project is a great way to hold yourself accountable. You’ll feel ownership in maintaining the project, which can translate to learning new skills, meeting new people, and growing as a developer. Additionally, you may get invited to write or talk about your work.


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As your repository’s stars and forks increase, your fame will rise as well. Even if your code solves a niche problem, you may become the go-to leader in that area.


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If your package or framework is used by many, there’s a chance that it can get sponsored — especially if big companies are using it as well. With platforms like Open Collective, Tidelift, Patreon, GitHub Sponsors, etc., it’s easier than ever to get paid to work on open source. Wouldn’t it be amazing to do what you love and also get compensated for it? Also, there are many services that offer free CI/CD and hosting if your project is public.

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